Chorizo Creamed Kale




Pair it with eggs & english muffins for a hearty breakfast, serve alongside BBQ chicken for a savory side, or just grab a shovel and go to town.


Recipe: Chorizo Creamed Kale

Serves 4
Prep time 10 minutes
Cook time 20 minutes
Total time 30 minutes
Allergy Milk
Dietary Gluten Free
Meal type Appetizer, Lunch, Salad, Side Dish, Snack, Soup, Starter
Misc Child Friendly, Serve Hot
Occasion Barbecue, Casual Party
Chorizo Creamed Kale is a great, savory side dish for your next backyard BBQ or potluck picnic. I've served it as an appetizer just by its lonesome, as well as paired it with scrambled eggs and sweet & tangy BBQ chicken. It's hearty, savory, and a great way to sneak some dark greens onto your family's plate =)


  • 4 - 5 oz Chorizo (diced)
  • 8 - 10 oz Kale (roughly chopped, stems removed)
  • 1 tablespoon Garlic (minced)
  • 1/2 Red Bell Pepper (chopped)
  • 1/4 Red Onion (thinly chopped)
  • 1 1/2 cup Heavy Cream


  • 1 Jalapeno (minced)


Step 1 Warm a large (3 qt or above) pan over medium-low heat for ~ 2 min.
Step 2 Spread diced chorizo out in the pan evenly, and allow the fat to render out and coat the majority of the pan surface (~ 5 min).
Step 3 Add the red onion, garlic, jalapeno, and red pepper. Sweat (not you), and stir occasionally to let their flavors mingle (~ 5 min).
Step 4 Once you have as much of the delicious oily drippings from all those ingredients swimming around in the pan as possible, start adding in the kale one handful at a time. As you add each handful, fold the kale in and really try to coat it with as much goodness as possible. You can even wait a minute or so between each handful, so that the kale will start to shrink down a bit and make room for the next addition (if you add all the kale at once, you might not be able to stir without sending kale falling all over the stove).
Step 5 Increase the heat to around medium, and add the heavy cream.
Step 6 Stir in the cream to mix with all the oils (it should take on a light orange hue pretty quickly), and then allow everything to simmer as one big happy family until the sauce is your desired consistency (between 5-10 min).
Step 7 NOM.


A little of this goes a long way, especially when pairing with a protein-based main dish.  If you want to lighten it up a bit, you can reduce the amount of heavy cream a tad and add more kale, but let's be real here... there's nothing 'light' about chorizo or cream no matter how many veggies you toss in  =)

And if you are looking for a dairy-free option, I think your best bet would be to sub out the heavy cream for full-fat coconut milk.  I've tried this with both light coconut milk and soy creamer, and both fell apart on me.  Thick & creamy is the only way.









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